Five reasons why you should drink purified water

07 June

It’s been a well-known fact for decades that it’s important to drink a certain amount of water every day. But how is purified water (i.e., filtered using ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis) better for you? Here are five main reasons:

1. To know what you’re drinking.

Water from the aqueduct, and well water, contains toxic elements harmful to your health: chloride, fluoride, PPCPs, chemical products, bacteria, etc. No matter whether you drink water from the tap (aqueduct) or water from a well, these undesirable elements can be recognized by water that tastes bad (chlorine, old pipes) or smells bad (chlorine, rotten eggs).

2. To eliminate the infamous plastic bottles

Drinking purified water in a reusable bottle will contribute to the eradication of plastic bottles. The water contained in these bottles costs an incredible amount of money compared to tap water: 1 m3 of tap water costs $1 vs. $1,000 for 1 m3 of bottled water! Think about it, bottled water is more expensive per litre than oil! In addition, the bottled water industry is less regulated than tap water...

 3. To save on costs

In light of the previous point, you now understand that you pay too much for bottled water and that it is not even a better solution than tap water. Thus, investing in a tap water purification system will make you save a lot of money every month as you will no longer be using bottled water.

4. To stay hydrated, therefore more efficient

Attention all athletes, this one’s for you! Even 1-2% dehydration can reduce physiological functions. Therefore, drinking high-quality water will contribute to enhanced performance.

 5. To stay hydrated, therefore more focused

Since the brain is made of 75% water, no need to tell you that it always needs water to work at full capacity! Drinking high-quality water thus has a positive impact on concentration and mood.