We offer filtered, flat or sparkling water systems that work directly at the point of consumption: directly at the sink, via an on-stand dispenser or via a countertop dispenser. We also offer tailored water filtration and purification solutions to treat the water of your residence or office. In short, whether you want to drink higher quality water or fix a water quality problem, we have the solution. We also offer reusable bottles and eco-friendly soaps. We invite you to consult the Products section to see all of our products.

We perform various water analyses. The Services section will tell you more. Contact us to find out the price of the particular analysis you need. You usually get the results between 48 and 72 hours. 

Our office is located at 5005 rue Hugues Randin in Québec City. We have representatives all over the province, so we serve several regions.

Maintenance takes between 45 minutes and one hour and an installation takes between one and a half to two hours.

Over the weeks, contaminants accumulate in the membranes. After a few months, the membranes must be looked after to avoid a large accumulation of contaminants preventing the membranes from properly doing their job, i.e., properly filtering your water.

This is greatly debated. Some people are in favor of the reverse osmosis process while others against it because it removes minerals from the water. Those who are in favor say that purified water with no dissolved salts could only be healthy. Those who are against it believe that water with no dissolved salts creates an imbalance in the body.

We firmly believe that reverse osmosis-purified water is healthy for the following reasons:

  • A balanced diet can largely compensate for the so-called mineral salt deficiencies which may be caused by reverse osmosis-purified water.
  • We offer remineralizing filters to offset this mineral deficiency.
  • The reverse osmosis process is the only one that can remove an excess of dissolved salt (1100 ppm) as is found in well water.
  • The reverse osmosis process or its equivalent (demineralized water) is already widely used in the bottled water industry and the food industry.

Of course! You can either buy the equipment or rent it. When you rent the appliances, the yearly maintenance is included and the equipment is guaranteed. Contact us for further details.